Multitools are becoming an increasingly common tool in everyones tool kit. The first multitool was released by Fein over 20 years ago.  Because they had a patent on the operating system it was the only one of its kind available until the early 2000's. Now however, nearly every power tool company has a version of  the original Fein Tool.  So what is a multitool?

A lot of power tools are designed to orbit, or even move back and forth, Multitools oscillate. This means it rotates a tiny bit in alternate directions at between 12,000-21,000 oscillations per minute. It’s doing a whole lot of work so that you don’t have to! This allows you to do all kinds of jobs, from the very delicate to the much more agressive. And it can be agressive if you want it to! 


We have tested and sold the Fein, Makita, Bosch & Rok. From our testing which involved mainly cutting and sanding we have found that the Fein has the most power, followed by the Bosch and Makita with the Rok as expected a distant 3rd. We tried cutting in to timber until the motor nearly stalled and pushing down hard on the sanding pad. While the three trade machines definintely stood up to our testing it was certainly quite obvious which tool had the most power, however we believe any of the Fein, Bosch or Makita multitools would do most jobs required of them. One feature that we liked with the Fein that the other three didnt have at the time of testing was a tool-less blade change. With over 20 different types of blades and sanding attachments available this feature comes in very handy. Overall while we believe any of the major 3 Brands are a great additon to any toolbox, if we had to pick one our choice would be the Fein Multimaster.