Tradie tools need to withstand a lot of punishment.Without your tools the work doesn't happen, and if the work doesn't happen you can't put food on the table! You need to keep your tools in top shape and that means you need to make time to to get your tools serviced on a regular basis. Let's face it, repairs and down time can be far more costly than setting yourself a regular maintenance timetable. This will not only make your tools more reliable but also make them last longer, because all that dirt and grit build up causes excessive wear to moving parts inside your tool.

Thats why at Hornibrooks we offer servicing and repairs in house by our fully trained factory technicians. We know how important it is to get your tools back on the job making money for you, so our turn around times are quicker than anyone in the business! Getting you back to work and making money quicker! And of course buying quality tools to start off with is where it all begins. Names like Makita, Hitachi, Milwaukee, Paslode Dewalt, Senco, and Max are all synonomous with quality manufacturing and also just as importantly their back up support is unsurpassed. We sell and service all these brands plus more. So next time your tool needs repair think Hornibrooks Tools & Fasteners in Grovedale, and we'll get you back in action Fast!

Tool Repairs Geelong, There's only One Place!