There are many factors to consider when purchasing your next power tool. Below are the Five questions you must ask befor making any purchase. I mean, why waste your money on what you think is the best tool for the job, only to get home and find it won't do the job you want it to.

Q1) Can this tool be repaired? Are parts readily available? Many cheaper tools purchased are supplied with a warranty but are not repairable after this. This is not great for the environment as all these tools normally end up in the garbage. Also if parts aren't available this is also a red flag as to the quality of the tool.

Q2) If ny tool breaks down who repairs it? Many companies send your tools far and wide whwn they need to be repaired. At Hornibrooks Geelong, we repair your tools in our fully equipped workshop. This avoids cosly delays due to your tool having to be shipped whoknows where to be repaired.

Q3) Do you keep my receipt on file? We have lost track of the number of times a customer has been denied warranty by the manufacturer because they don't have a copy of their receipt. At Hornibrooks Geelong, we keep a record of all your purchases under your name. Therefore if you need a warranty repair, you don't need to hunt around for hours trying to find your purchase receipt.

Q4) Do you guarantee this is the right tool for my application? Many times when your tool constantly breaks down and needs repair, it is due to the fact that the tool that has been recommended, isn't of a high enough quality to complete the task you are trying to do. This leads to frustration on your behalf and often costly repair bills. At Hornibrooks our highly trained staff will ask you a series of questions to determine the best tool to suit your application.

Q5) What is the best brand and why? There are many different types of brands of power tools. Knowing the best performer is crucial as some brands can be strong in metal working tools while another brand may specialize more in woodworking tools. Major brands such as Makita, Milwaukee, Festool Hitachi and Metabo are a good place to start. At Hornibrooks we sell all these brands. Plus because we also service the tools we know which particular tools have inherrent problems that may cause you an issue down the track. We regularly discuss with our technicians which tools they believe are the heaviest duty on the market so we can then relay this information to you!

Whatever type of tool you're looking to purchase, ask these 5 questions and you'll soon find out if the salesperson is trying to sell you or actually help you. When you're ready drop in to Hornibrooks and talk to one of our qualified staff about your particular needs.

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