Spax Screws


Spax Screws – German Quality and Reliability!

If you want to eliminate any doubts at all about quality, safety, and reliability Spax is the answer. With many years developing screw technology, Spax have developed many unique screws.

SPAX decking screws are the market leader when it comes to quality screws. Available in Spax stainless steel and antique stainless, these screws will give your deck the perfect look.

With Spax washerhead screws you will have the perfect screw for all your timber construction needs. Spax Washerhead screws are available in a galvanised and stainless steel finish. The Spax washerhead screw is available in sizes up to 400mm long.

Spax also have many specialty screws including screws for steel and aluminium.

The next time you need a screw, make sure it’s a Spax!

Next time your in Geelong, Why not drop by and check out our range od Spax screws.