Stockade Fencing Staplers

Stockade ST400i available in Geelong at Hornibrooks or online

See our complete range of Stockade Staple Guns and staples. These include the Stockade cordless staple guns. The Stockade ST400i uses 4mm barbed staples up to 50mm in length. The stockade ST315i uses 3.15mm staples primarily for droppers and staples are available in 33 and 40mm lengths.

Stockade staples are barbed and were launched to make farm fencing  a breeze. The stockade staples for the Gas Staple guns ( ST400I and ST315I ) come with the required amount of gas cannisters to fire all the staples in the box.

We also sell the Stockade ST400 , this is the pneumatic version of the ST400I. This stockade staple gun runs off a standard air compressor.

If you are looking for stockade staplers in Geelong , why not drop in and see us or give us a call on

03 52419555

Stockade Fencing staplers are the solution to all your rural fencing needs