What is a Chainsaw?


A chainsaw is a portable and powerful tool with a sharp blade which is commonly used to cut thick, long wood and other hard materials.  Some common types of chainsaws are petrol-powered, corded electric, battery-powered, and pole chainsaws.

Cutting wood is very easy, but before you start cutting, it is very important to first learn how to use a chainsaw safely. A chainsaw can be dangerous and difficult to operate if not used correctly. It’s a good idea to be trained before you perform the actual jobs.

How to use a Chainsaw safely and properly

Chainsaws are great to keep as this tool can save you time and lets you finish your jobs faster. A great tool like this cuts incredible shapes ideally designed to cut firewood, logs, ice and more. In this article, we will tackle the tips and steps on how to use a chainsaw properly.

Personal protective equipment that you need to wear:

Ear Protection or Earmuffs

Eye Protection or Safety Glasses

Hard Hat for Head Protection


Wear trousers or chaps as your leg protection

Wear Steel-toed boots as your foot protection

How to start:

  • Read the tool manual first, especially with the safety features, controls and settings.

  • Wear your personal protective equipment

  • Prepare your chainsaw and check the saw chain

  • Check the chain brake to make sure its working properly.

  • Place it first on a flat surface and push the chain brake.

  • Read the chainsaw manual for the correct starting procedures

  • Always maintain your chainsaw by checking the chain, and ensuring it is set to the correct tension.  Also ensure your bar oil is topped up and clean out built up dust.


Always check the saw’s chain, the lubrication, and chain brake to ensure the tool functions are working properly for your next job.