What you need to look for when buying a chainsaw


There are many things to consider when you are looking at adding a chainsaw to your range of power tools. Depending on your needs, there are different sizes, different power levels and different features to take into account before making your purchase.

Hornibrooks Tools and Fasteners stocks a range of chainsaws from leading manufacturers including Makita and Milwaukee. We have put together the guide you need to ensure you are getting the right chainsaw for the right jobs, either at home or at work.

Key features you need in a chainsaw

Chainsaws are one of the most dangerous tools you will ever purchase so you want to ensure you are not getting one with more power than you can handle.

For people looking for a chainsaw for home, a lower-powered model is highly recommended and the electric battery range of chainsaws suit the best. These still offer all of the power you will need to clean up after storms, trim tree limbs etc with the overpowered, industrial grunt of the petrol-powered options.

Chainsaws also come with different sized bars so consider the tasks you are going to undertake and get a bar that suits. You don’t want one that is too long as it will be harder to operate and present more of a risk.

Are you going to be working near a power source? Battery models have come a long way and usually come with dual, long-range batteries. But if you are going to be working all day in remote locations away from mains power then you will be better suited to a petrol option. Any city work, an electric chainsaw is your best bet.

Brand comparisons

Because of the safety reasons mentioned, you want to stick with the brands that deliver the most reliable service and have the best safety features to avoid disaster.

Makita and Milwaukee chainsaws rank highly in every ‘best of’ list for chainsaws and have the backing of big brands, rigorous testing and a track record of safety without compromising performance.

Avoid brands you have not heard of or cheap knock-off chainsaws with slightly altered names from the big brand names. It is best to purchase chainsaws from experts like Hornibrooks Tools and Fasteners so you know you will be getting a genuine product that will be reliable and safe, including a warranty.

Variations in pricing: what does it mean if you buy a cheap model?

There is a very significant difference between affordable and cheap. It is possible to get high-quality chainsaws at highly competitive price points, but you don’t want to be seeking out the cheapest options on the market.

At Hornibrooks Tools and Fasteners you can gain access to the leading brands at prices under $1000 that have all of the performance and safety features you will need in a machine that will last for many, many years. Cheaper, no-name brands are prone to failure and failure in a chainsaw you are working with can have dire consequences.