Different Types of Screws for Your Project


Screws are commonly used in indoor and outdoor projects. They are very useful in various applications such as in decking, landscaping, woodworking jobs, metals, roofing sheet, floorboards, furniture and DIY works. We have different materials and they also need different types of screw.

These screws allow you to work faster and easier. Each screw has its own uses and applications, and they should be used for the right material. For instance, decking screws are used for decking tasks, and wood screws are used only for woodworking projects etc.

Different Types of Screws

Selecting the right screw for your projects is also very important for the success of your jobs. It is much easier to work if you’re using the right screw and to help you avoid any mistakes such as splitting. These screws come also in many different head types such as, Flat or slotted head, Phillips head, Hex head, Square-recess, Torx head and more.

In order to understand better, here are some common types of screws in the industry.

Batten Screws

Chipboard Screw

Dowel Screw

Wood Screw

Drywall Screw

Masonry Screw

Decking Screw

MDF Screw

Stainless Steel Sheet Metal

Mirror Screw

Screws are incredibly durable to attach and finish your materials together easily. In addition, screws are also made from brass, bronze, steel, stainless steel and wood.  You can both use hand and electric screwdrivers to drive your screws.

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