What is Framing Gun?

Nail Guns

Framing Gun or Framing Nailer is one of the most powerful tools to drive in your framing nails. This time saving tool is an easy-to-use tool, perfectly designed to make it easy to complete your projects. Whether you are a DIY-er, professional contractor, handy-person, craftsman or a carpenter this tool will help you accomplish your job. Framing guns are good for repair & maintenance, roofing, building, framing, flooring, DIY projects and constructing.

The best thing about a framing gun is they can drive nails in to hard materials and surfaces. This handy tool is driven by an air compressor which gives air pressure to your nail gun, which then fires the nails from the magazine of the tool.

Below are some of the leading manufacturers of reliable framing guns in the industry.

The best framing gun brands today






When choosing your framing gun make sure that you choose the right one that will suit you best for your task. A framing gun should also match with the air compressor, that means that you also need to buy an air compressor separately that can provide enough air pressure to your tool. There are also framing guns that are battery-powered, so if you don’t have an air compressor, this is another option. You can search all over the internet for a “nail gun buying guide”, for which type of tool  you need for your job and at an affordable price.

You can work with framing nailers faster and easier than before. This helpful and advanced tool can be used in a variety of applications to allow you to complete your projects faster and with a minimum of fuss.


Before purchasing your framing gun, try to compare the best framing nailers. Look at the different weights of the tools, the overall size of the tool for getting in to tight spots and also make sure you by a reputable brand such as those listed above.